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10057 Man page misspellings ouput particuliar overriden
Reviewed by: Gergő Mihály Doma <>

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        lgroup" (see lgrp_home(3LGRP)) and is usually the operating system's
        first choice of where to run the thread and allocate its memory.
         There are different levels of affinity that can be specified by a
-       thread for a particuliar lgroup.  The levels of affinity are the
+       thread for a particular lgroup.  The levels of affinity are the
        following from strongest to weakest:
          LGRP_AFF_STRONG         /* strong affinity */
          LGRP_AFF_WEAK           /* weak affinity */
          LGRP_AFF_NONE           /* no affinity */

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        events that can cause the operating system to change a thread's home
        lgroup for which it has a weak affinity.
        The LGRP_AFF_NONE affinity signifies no affinity and can be used to
-       remove a thread's affinity for a particuliar lgroup.  Initially, each
+       remove a thread's affinity for a particular lgroup.  Initially, each
        thread has no affinity to any lgroup.  If a thread has no lgroup
        affinities set, the operating system chooses a home lgroup for the
        thread with no affinity set.