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8564 developer/build/onbld shouldn't require ghostscript
Reviewed by: Alexander Pyhalov <>

@@ -19,12 +19,13 @@
 .\" Copyright 2010 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
 .\" Use is subject to license terms.
+.\" Copyright 2019 Joyent, Inc.
-.TH WEBREV 1ONBLD "Mar 27, 2016"
+.TH WEBREV 1ONBLD "Aug 2, 2019"
 webrev \- Generate HTML codereview materials
 .B webrev

@@ -64,14 +65,14 @@
 (interchangeably called the \fIparent\fR, but see SCM INTERACTIONS below).
 A basis for comparison is needed in order to determine the differences
 introduced by the code changes under review.
 By default, \fBwebrev\fR creates a \fIwebrev\fR directory in the
-workspace directory that contains the generated HTML files, a generated
-PDF review, and a patch representing the changes.  It also places a
-copy of the file list in that directory, and of both the old and new
-raw files in the \fB$webrev_root/raw_files\fR directory.
+workspace directory that contains the generated HTML files, and a patch
+representing the changes.  It also places a copy of the file list in
+that directory, and of both the old and new raw files in the
+\fB$webrev_root/raw_files\fR directory.
 To output the webrev somewhere other than the default location, use the
 \fI-o <outdir>\fR option, or set the \fBWDIR\fR environment variable.
 For example:
         $ webrev -o ~/public_html/myreview/

@@ -106,11 +107,10 @@
        changed : blue
            new : bold blue
 .B webrev
 attempts to interact with the source code management system currently in use.
 .B webrev
 needs to be able locate the code under review (i.e. the workspace) and
 the basis for comparison (i.e. the parent).  The method for doing so

@@ -160,11 +160,10 @@
 "svn info" to find the workspace root and subversion repository URL.
 The file list will be created from the output of the "svn status" command.
 After extracting comments (see FILE LIST below),
 .B webrev
 will translate cross references into hyperlinks.  By default, information
 about available information tracking systems can be found in
 /opt/onbld/etc/its.reg, and the specification of a local domain and

@@ -183,11 +182,11 @@
 .TP 10
 .BI "-D"
 Delete remote webrev via SFTP. Default remote host is \\fR,
 default remote directory for removal is the same as workspace/repository
-basename. Remote target can be overriden using -t option. If combined with
+basename. Remote target can be overridden using -t option. If combined with
 -U the deletion will be performed first. Also, if used together with -U
 and the removal fails, no upload is done. Without -U option no webrev will
 be generated, just like if -n option was used. The deletion is done by
 moving the webrev to special directory in user's home directory. It is
 expected that the remote host periodically runs a script which deletes

@@ -205,11 +204,11 @@
 as part of the webrev.  This allows a snippet of XHTML to be added by
 the webrev author. User content is contained by a <div> tag and
 the markup should validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
 .TP 10
 .BI "-N"
-Suppress all comments from all output forms html, txt and pdf.
+Suppress all comments from all output forms.
 .TP 10
 .BI "-n"
 Do not generate webrev. Useful whenever only upload is needed.
 .TP 10
 .B -O

@@ -242,11 +241,10 @@
 Extract the file list from the wx "active" file specified.  'wx' uses
 this mode when invoking webrev.  The list is assumed to be in the
 format expected by the \fIwx\fR package.  See FILE LIST, below.
 .B Webrev
 needs to be told or to discover which files have changed in a
 given workspace.  By default,
 .B webrev
 will attempt to autodetect the