TZRELOAD(1M) Maintenance Commands TZRELOAD(1M)

notify timezone update

tzreload [-a]

The tzreload command triggers processes to reread timezone information. The timezone information is cached in each process. In response to a tzreload command, this cache is updated on the next call to ctime(3C) and mktime(3C) by each process. By default, tzreload only triggers this update for the current zone.

In addition to updating processes, the tzreload command also notifies cron(1M) to reinitialize the job scheduler with the new timezone information.

The following options are supported:
Update processes in all zones.

Standard zone information directory.


cron(1M), zdump(1M), zic(1M), zoneadm(1M), ctime(3C), mktime(3C), attributes(5)

Although tzreload reinitializes cron(1M), applications that are affected by timezone changes still need to be restarted or reinitialized if they do not reread the new timezone information before timezone changes take place.
February 27, 2020 illumos