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  16 ZFS Test Suite README
  18 1. Building and installing the ZFS Test Suite
  19 2. Running the ZFS Test Suite
  20 3. Test results
  22 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24 1. Building and installing the ZFS Test Suite
  26 The ZFS Test Suite runs under the testrunner framework (which can be installed
  27 as pkg:/system/test/testrunner). To build both the ZFS Test Suite and the
  28 testrunner without running a full nightly:
  30         build_machine$ bldenv [-d] <your_env_file>
  31         build_machine$ cd $SRC/test
  32         build_machine$ dmake install
  33         build_machine$ cd $SRC/pkg
  34         build_machine$ dmake install
  36 Then set the publisher on the test machine to point to your repository and
  37 install the ZFS Test Suite.
  39         test_machine# pkg install pkg:/system/test/zfstest
  41 Note, the framework will be installed automatically, as the ZFS Test Suite
  42 depends on it.
  44 2. Running the ZFS Test Suite
  46 The pre-requisites for running the ZFS Test Suite are:
  47         - Three scratch disks
  48           - Specify the disks you wish to use in the $DISKS variable, as a
  49             space delimited list like this: DISKS='c3t1d0 c3t2d0 c3t3d0'
  50           - Use the '-a' option to the zfstest script and all unused disks on
  51             the system are eligible. With '-a' specified, $DISKS is ignored.
  52         - A non-root user with the full set of basic privileges and the ability
  53           to sudo(1M) to root without a password to run the test.
  54         - Specify any pools you wish to preserve as a space delimited list in
  55           the $KEEP variable. The root pool is added automatically.
  57 Once the pre-requisites are satisfied, simply run the zfstest script:
  59         test_machine$ /opt/zfs-tests/bin/zfstest [-aq]
  61 When the '-q' option is specified, it is passed to run(1) which causes output
  62 to be written to the console only for tests that do not pass and the results
  63 summary.
  65 The ZFS Test Suite allows the user to specify a subset of the tests via a
  66 runfile. The format of the runfile is explained in run(1), and the files that
  67 zfstest uses are available for reference under /opt/zfs-tests/runfiles. To
  68 specify a custom runfile, use the -c option:
  70         test_machine$ /opt/zfs-tests/bin/zfstest [-aq] -c my_tests.run
  72 3. Test results
  74 While the ZFS Test Suite is running, one informational line is printed at the
  75 end of each test, and a results summary is printed at the end of the run. The
  76 results summary includes the location of the complete logs, which is of the
  77 form /var/tmp/test_results/<ISO 8601 date>.