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local changes
Update to 1.12.3.

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  * source.  A copy of the CDDL is also available via the Internet at
- * Copyright 2012 Nexenta Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
+ * Copyright 2014 Garrett D'Amore <>
- * TBD
+ * Note that we don't document "legacy" libraries that have moved into
+ * libc.  While there will be section 3lib man pages for them, they
+ * won't be referenced in other man pages.
+LINE("libadm",          "General Administrative Library (libadm, \\-ladm)")
+LINE("libbsdmalloc",    "BSD Memory Allocation Library (libbsdmalloc, -lbsdmalloc)")
+LINE("libbsm",          "Security and Auditing Library (libbsm, \\lbsm)")
+LINE("libc",            "Standard C Library (libc, \\-lc)")
+LINE("libc_db",         "Threads Debugging Library (libc_db, \\-lc_db)")
+LINE("libcfgadm",       "Configuration Adminstration Library (libcfgadm, \\-lcfgadm)")
+LINE("libcommputil",    "Communication Protocol Parser Utilities Library (libpcommutil, \\-lcommputil)")
+LINE("libcontract",     "Contract Management Library (libcontract, \\-lcontract)")
+LINE("libcpc",          "CPU Performance Counters Library (libcpc, \\-lcpc)")
+LINE("libcurses",       "Curses Library (libcurses, \\-lcurses)")
+LINE("libdat",          "Direct Access Transport Library (libdat, \\-ldat)")
+LINE("libdevid",        "Device ID Library (libdevid, \\-ldevid)")
+LINE("libdevinfo",      "Device Information Library (libdevinfo, \\-ldevinfo)")
+LINE("libdlpi",         "Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) Library (libdlp, \\-ldlpi)")
+LINE("libdns_sd",       "DNS Service Discovery Library (libdns_sd, \\-ldns_sd)")
+LINE("libelf",          "ELF Access Library (libelf, \\-lelf)")
+LINE("libexacct",       "Extended Accounting File Access Library (libexacct, \\-lexacct)")
+LINE("libfcoe",         "FCoE Port Management Library (libfcoe, \\-lfcoe)")
+LINE("libfstyp",        "File System Type Identification Library (libfstyp, \\-lfstyp \\-lnvpair)")
+LINE("libgen",          "String Pattern Matching Library (libgen, \\-lgen)")
+LINE("libgss",          "Generic Security Services Library (libgss, \\-lgss)")
+LINE("libiscsit",       "iSCSI Management Library (libiscsit, \\-liscsit)")
+LINE("libkstat",        "Kernel Statistics Library (libkstat, \\-lkstat)")
+LINE("libkvm",          "Kernel VM Library (libkvm, \\-lkvm)")
+LINE("libldap",         "LDAP Library (libldap, \\-lldap)")
+LINE("liblgrp",         "Locality Group Library (liblgrp, -llgrp)")
+LINE("libm",            "Mathematical Library (libm, -lm)")
+LINE("libmail",         "User Mailbox Library (libmail, -lmail)")
+LINE("libmalloc",       "Memory Allocation Library (libmalloc, -lmalloc)")
+LINE("libmd",           "Message Digest Library (libmd, -lmd)")
+LINE("libmp",           "Multiple Precision Library (libmp, -lmp)")
+LINE("libmpapi",        "Common Multipath Management Library (libmpapi, -lMPAPI)")
+LINE("libnsl",          "Network Services Library (libnsl, \\-lnsl)")
+LINE("libnvpair",       "Name-Value Pair Library (libnvpair, \\-lnvpair)")
+LINE("libpam",          "PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) Library (libpam, \\-lpam)")
+LINE("libpicl",         "PICL Library (libpicl, \\-lpicl)")
+LINE("libpicltree",     "PICL Plug-In Library (libpicltree, \\-lpicltree)")
+LINE("libpkcs11",       "PKCS#11 Cryptographic Framework Library (libpkcs11, \\-lpkcs11)")
+LINE("libpool",         "Pool Configuration Manipulation Library (libpool, \\-lpool)")
+LINE("libproc",         "Process Control Library (libproc, \\-lproc)")
+LINE("libproject",      "Project Database Access Library (libproject, \\-lproject)")
+LINE("libresolv",       "Resolver Library (libresolv, \\-lresolv \\-lsocket \\-lnsl)")
+LINE("librpc",          "RPC Service Library (librpcsvc, \\-lrpc)")
+LINE("librsm",          "Remote Shared Memory Interface Library (librsm, \\-lrsm)")
+LINE("libsasl",         "Simple Authentication and Security Library (libsasl, \\-lsasl)")
+LINE("libscf",          "Service Configuration Facility Library (libscf, \\-lscf)")
+LINE("libsec",          "File Access Control Library (libsec, \\-lsec)")
+LINE("libsecdb",        "Security Attributes Database Library (libsecdb, \\-lsecdb)")
+LINE("libsip",          "Session Initiation Protocol Library (libsip, \\-lsip)")
+LINE("libslp",          "Service Location Protocol Library (libslp, \\-lslp)")
+LINE("libsocket",       "Sockets Library (libsocket, \\-lsocket)")
+LINE("libstmf",         "SCSI Target Mode Framework Library (libstmf, \\-lstmf)")
+LINE("libsysevet",      "System Event Inteface Library (libsysevent, \\-lsysevent)")
+LINE("libtecla",        "Interactive Command Line Input Library (libtecla, \\-ltecla)")
+LINE("libtnfctl",       "TNF Probe Control Library (libtnfctl, \\-ltnfctl)")
+LINE("libtsol",         "Trusted Extensions Library (libtsol, \\-ltsol)")
+LINE("libuuid",         "UUID Library (libuuid, \\-luuid)")
+LINE("libvolmgt",       "Volume Management Library (libvolmgt, \\-lvolmgt)")
+LINE("libxcurses",      "X/Open Curses Library (libxcurses, \\-lxcurses)")
+LINE("libxnet",         "X/Open Networking Library (libxnet, \\-lxnet)")