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  10 .Dd Mar 30, 2015
  11 .Dt GETWD 3C
  12 .Os
  13 .Sh NAME
  14 .Nm getwd
  15 .Nd get current working directory pathname
  17 .In unistd.h
  18 .Ft "char *"
  19 .Fn getwd "char *path_name"
  21 The
  22 .Fn getwd
  23 function determines an absolute pathname of the current
  24 working directory of the calling process, and copies that pathname into the
  25 array pointed to by the
  26 .Fa path_name
  27 argument.
  28 .Lp
  29 If the length of the pathname of the current working directory is greater than
  30 .Pq Dv PATH_MAX + 1
  31 including the null byte,
  32 .Fn getwd
  33 fails and returns a null pointer.
  35 Upon successful completion, a pointer to the string containing the absolute
  36 pathname of the current working directory is returned.  Otherwise,
  37 .Fn getwd
  38 returns a null pointer and the contents of the array pointed to by
  39 .Fa path_name
  40 are undefined.
  41 .Sh ERRORS
  42 No errors are defined.
  43 .Sh USAGE
  44 The
  45 .Fn getwd
  46 function is supplied for backwards compatibility.  The
  47 .Xr getcwd 3C
  48 should be used instead.
  50 .Sy Obsolete Standard .
  51 .Sh SEE ALSO
  52 .Xr getcwd 3C ,
  53 .Xr standards 5
  55 The
  56 .Fn getwd
  57 function is available in the following compilation environments. See
  58 .Xr standards 5 .
  59 .Lp
  60 .Bl -bullet -compact
  61 .It
  62 .St -xpg4.2
  63 .It
  64 .St -susv2
  65 .It
  66 .St -susv3
  67 .El
  68 .Lp
  69 It was marked obsolete in
  70 .St -susv3
  71 and removed from
  72 .St -p1003.1-2008 .