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4853 illumos-gate is not lint-clean when built with openssl 1.0 (initial commit, openssl 1.0.1h)

@@ -176,10 +176,11 @@
         libdhcpagent    \
         libdhcpdu       \
         libdhcputil     \
         libxnet         \
         libipsecutil    \
+        openssl         \
         nsswitch        \
         print           \
         libuutil        \
         libscf          \
         libinetsvc      \

@@ -560,10 +561,11 @@
 # Library interdependencies are called out explicitly here
 auditd_plugins: libbsm libnsl libsecdb
 gss_mechs/mech_krb5:    libgss libnsl libsocket libresolv pkcs11
+krb5:           openssl
 libadt_jni:     libbsm
 libast:         libsocket
 libadutils:     libldap5 libresolv libsocket libnsl
 nsswitch:       libadutils libidmap
 libbe:          libzfs

@@ -589,19 +591,19 @@
 libelfsign:     libcryptoutil libkmf
 libidmap:       libadutils libldap5 libavl libsldap libuutil
 libipadm:       libnsl libinetutil libsocket libdlpi libnvpair libdhcpagent \
                 libdladm libsecdb
 libiscsit:      libc libnvpair libstmf libuuid libnsl
-libkmf:         libcryptoutil pkcs11
+libkmf:         libcryptoutil pkcs11 openssl
 libnsl:         libmd5
 libmapid:       libresolv
 librdc:         libsocket libnsl libnsctl libunistat libdscfg
 libuuid:        libdlpi
 libinetutil:    libsocket
 libipsecutil:   libtecla libsocket
 libinstzones:   libzonecfg libcontract
-libpkg:         libwanboot libscf libadm
+libpkg:         libwanboot libscf libadm openssl
 libnwam:        libscf
 libsecdb:       libnsl
 libsasl:        libgss libsocket pkcs11 libmd
 sasl_plugins:   pkcs11 libgss libsocket libsasl
 libsctp:        libsocket

@@ -622,20 +624,20 @@
 libproject:     libpool libproc libsecdb
 libtermcap:     libcurses
 libtsnet:       libnsl libtsol libsecdb
 libwrap:        libnsl libsocket
 libwanboot:     libnvpair libresolv libnsl libsocket libdevinfo libinetutil \
-                libdhcputil
+                libdhcputil openssl
 libwanbootutil: libnsl
 pam_modules:    libproject passwdutil smbsrv
 libscf:         libuutil libmd libgen libsmbios libnsl
 libinetsvc:     libscf
 librestart:     libuutil libscf
 libsaveargs:    libdisasm
 ../cmd/sgs/libdl:       ../cmd/sgs/libconv
 ../cmd/sgs/libelf:      ../cmd/sgs/libconv
-pkcs11:         libcryptoutil
+pkcs11:         libcryptoutil openssl
 print:          libldap5
 udapl/udapl_tavor:      udapl/libdat
 libzfs:         libdevid libgen libnvpair libuutil \
                 libadm libavl libefi libidmap libmd libzfs_core
 libzfs_core:    libnvpair

@@ -664,10 +666,11 @@
 pysolaris:      libsec libidmap
 libreparse:     libnvpair
 libhotplug:     libnvpair
 cfgadm_plugins: libhotplug
 libilb:         libsocket
+openssl:        libnsl libc libsocket
 # The reason this rule checks for the existence of the
 # Makefile is that some of the directories do not exist