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   5  * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
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   8  * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
   9  * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
  10  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
  11  * and limitations under the License.
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  13  * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
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  22 /*
  23  * Copyright 2011 Nexenta Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
  24  */
  25 /*
  26  * Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
  27  * Use is subject to license terms.
  28  */
  30 /*
  31  * Table of constants for 2/pi, used in __rem_pio2l (trigl) function.
  32  * By K.C. Ng, April 25, 1989
  33  */
  35 #include "libm.h"
  37 const int _TBL_ipio2l_inf[] = { /* by DHBailey MP package */
  38         0xA2F983, 0x6E4E44, 0x1529FC, 0x2757D1, 0xF534DD, 0xC0DB62,
  39         0x95993C, 0x439041, 0xFE5163, 0xABDEBB, 0xC561B7, 0x246E3A,
  40         0x424DD2, 0xE00649, 0x2EEA09, 0xD1921C, 0xFE1DEB, 0x1CB129,
  41         0xA73EE8, 0x8235F5, 0x2EBB44, 0x84E99C, 0x7026B4, 0x5F7E41,
  42         0x3991D6, 0x398353, 0x39F49C, 0x845F8B, 0xBDF928, 0x3B1FF8,
  43         0x97FFDE, 0x05980F, 0xEF2F11, 0x8B5A0A, 0x6D1F6D, 0x367ECF,
  44         0x27CB09, 0xB74F46, 0x3F669E, 0x5FEA2D, 0x7527BA, 0xC7EBE5,
  45         0xF17B3D, 0x0739F7, 0x8A5292, 0xEA6BFB, 0x5FB11F, 0x8D5D08,
  46         0x560330, 0x46FC7B, 0x6BABF0, 0xCFBC20, 0x9AF436, 0x1DA9E3,
  47         0x91615E, 0xE61B08, 0x659985, 0x5F14A0, 0x68408D, 0xFFD880,
  48         0x4D7327, 0x310606, 0x1556CA, 0x73A8C9, 0x60E27B, 0xC08C6B,
  49         0x47C419, 0xC367CD, 0xDCE809, 0x2A8359, 0xC4768B, 0x961CA6,
  50         0xDDAF44, 0xD15719, 0x053EA5, 0xFF0705, 0x3F7E33, 0xE832C2,
  51         0xDE4F98, 0x327DBB, 0xC33D26, 0xEF6B1E, 0x5EF89F, 0x3A1F35,
  52         0xCAF27F, 0x1D87F1, 0x21907C, 0x7C246A, 0xFA6ED5, 0x772D30,
  53         0x433B15, 0xC614B5, 0x9D19C3, 0xC2C4AD, 0x414D2C, 0x5D000C,
  54         0x467D86, 0x2D71E3, 0x9AC69B, 0x006233, 0x7CD2B4, 0x97A7B4,
  55         0xD55537, 0xF63ED7, 0x1810A3, 0xFC764D, 0x2A9D64, 0xABD770,
  56         0xF87C63, 0x57B07A, 0xE71517, 0x5649C0, 0xD9D63B, 0x3884A7,
  57         0xCB2324, 0x778AD6, 0x23545A, 0xB91F00, 0x1B0AF1, 0xDFCE19,
  58         0xFF319F, 0x6A1E66, 0x615799, 0x47FBAC, 0xD87F7E, 0xB76522,
  59         0x89E832, 0x60BFE6, 0xCDC4EF, 0x09366C, 0xD43F5D, 0xD7DE16,
  60         0xDE3B58, 0x929BDE, 0x2822D2, 0xE88628, 0x4D58E2, 0x32CAC6,
  61         0x16E308, 0xCB7DE0, 0x50C017, 0xA71DF3, 0x5BE018, 0x34132E,
  62         0x621283, 0x014883, 0x5B8EF5, 0x7FB0AD, 0xF2E91E, 0x434A48,
  63         0xD36710, 0xD8DDAA, 0x425FAE, 0xCE616A, 0xA4280A, 0xB499D3,
  64         0xF2A606, 0x7F775C, 0x83C2A3, 0x883C61, 0x78738A, 0x5A8CAF,
  65         0xBDD76F, 0x63A62D, 0xCBBFF4, 0xEF818D, 0x67C126, 0x45CA55,
  66         0x36D9CA, 0xD2A828, 0x8D61C2, 0x77C912, 0x142604, 0x9B4612,
  67         0xC459C4, 0x44C5C8, 0x91B24D, 0xF31700, 0xAD43D4, 0xE54929,
  68         0x10D5FD, 0xFCBE00, 0xCC941E, 0xEECE70, 0xF53E13, 0x80F1EC,
  69         0xC3E7B3, 0x28F8C7, 0x940593, 0x3E71C1, 0xB3092E, 0xF3450B,
  70         0x9C1288, 0x7B20AB, 0x9FB52E, 0xC29247, 0x2F327B, 0x6D550C,
  71         0x90A772, 0x1FE76B, 0x96CB31, 0x4A1679, 0xE27941, 0x89DFF4,
  72         0x9794E8, 0x84E6E2, 0x973199, 0x6BED88, 0x365F5F, 0x0EFDBB,
  73         0xB49A48, 0x6CA467, 0x427271, 0x325D8D, 0xB8159F, 0x09E5BC,
  74         0x25318D, 0x3974F7, 0x1C0530, 0x010C0D, 0x68084B, 0x58EE2C,
  75         0x90AA47, 0x02E774, 0x24D6BD, 0xA67DF7, 0x72486E, 0xEF169F,
  76         0xA6948E, 0xF691B4, 0x5153D1, 0xF20ACF, 0x339820, 0x7E4BF5,
  77         0x6863B2, 0x5F3EDD, 0x035D40, 0x7F8985, 0x295255, 0xC06437,
  78         0x10D86D, 0x324832, 0x754C5B, 0xD4714E, 0x6E5445, 0xC1090B,
  79         0x69F52A, 0xD56614, 0x9D0727, 0x50045D, 0xDB3BB4, 0xC576EA,
  80         0x17F987, 0x7D6B49, 0xBA271D, 0x296996, 0xACCCC6, 0x5414AD,
  81         0x6AE290, 0x89D988, 0x50722C, 0xBEA404, 0x940777, 0x7030F3,
  82         0x27FC00, 0xA871EA, 0x49C266, 0x3DE064, 0x83DD97, 0x973FA3,
  83         0xFD9443, 0x8C860D, 0xDE4131, 0x9D3992, 0x8C70DD, 0xE7B717,
  84         0x3BDF08, 0x2B3715, 0xA0805C, 0x93805A, 0x921110, 0xD8E80F,
  85         0xAF806C, 0x4BFFDB, 0x0F9038, 0x761859, 0x15A562, 0xBBCB61,
  86         0xB989C7, 0xBD4010, 0x04F2D2, 0x277549, 0xF6B6EB, 0xBB22DB,
  87         0xAA140A, 0x2F2689, 0x768364, 0x333B09, 0x1A940E, 0xAA3A51,
  88         0xC2A31D, 0xAEEDAF, 0x12265C, 0x4DC26D, 0x9C7A2D, 0x9756C0,
  89         0x833F03, 0xF6F009, 0x8C402B, 0x99316D, 0x07B439, 0x15200C,
  90         0x5BC3D8, 0xC492F5, 0x4BADC6, 0xA5CA4E, 0xCD37A7, 0x36A9E6,
  91         0x9492AB, 0x6842DD, 0xDE6319, 0xEF8C76, 0x528B68, 0x37DBFC,
  92         0xABA1AE, 0x3115DF, 0xA1AE00, 0xDAFB0C, 0x664D64, 0xB705ED,
  93         0x306529, 0xBF5657, 0x3AFF47, 0xB9F96A, 0xF3BE75, 0xDF9328,
  94         0x3080AB, 0xF68C66, 0x15CB04, 0x0622FA, 0x1DE4D9, 0xA4B33D,
  95         0x8F1B57, 0x09CD36, 0xE9424E, 0xA4BE13, 0xB52333, 0x1AAAF0,
  96         0xA8654F, 0xA5C1D2, 0x0F3F0B, 0xCD785B, 0x76F923, 0x048B7B,
  97         0x721789, 0x53A6C6, 0xE26E6F, 0x00EBEF, 0x584A9B, 0xB7DAC4,
  98         0xBA66AA, 0xCFCF76, 0x1D02D1, 0x2DF1B1, 0xC1998C, 0x77ADC3,
  99         0xDA4886, 0xA05DF7, 0xF480C6, 0x2FF0AC, 0x9AECDD, 0xBC5C3F,
 100         0x6DDED0, 0x1FC790, 0xB6DB2A, 0x3A25A3, 0x9AAF00, 0x9353AD,
 101         0x0457B6, 0xB42D29, 0x7E804B, 0xA707DA, 0x0EAA76, 0xA1597B,
 102         0x2A1216, 0x2DB7DC, 0xFDE5FA, 0xFEDB89, 0xFDBE89, 0x6C76E4,
 103         0xFCA906, 0x70803E, 0x156E85, 0xFF87FD, 0x073E28, 0x336761,
 104         0x86182A, 0xEABD4D, 0xAFE7B3, 0x6E6D8F, 0x396795, 0x5BBF31,
 105         0x48D784, 0x16DF30, 0x432DC7, 0x356125, 0xCE70C9, 0xB8CB30,
 106         0xFD6CBF, 0xA200A4, 0xE46C05, 0xA0DD5A, 0x476F21, 0xD21262,
 107         0x845CB9, 0x496170, 0xE0566B, 0x015299, 0x375550, 0xB7D51E,
 108         0xC4F133, 0x5F6E13, 0xE4305D, 0xA92E85, 0xC3B21D, 0x3632A1,
 109         0xA4B708, 0xD4B1EA, 0x21F716, 0xE4698F, 0x77FF27, 0x80030C,
 110         0x2D408D, 0xA0CD4F, 0x99A520, 0xD3A2B3, 0x0A5D2F, 0x42F9B4,
 111         0xCBDA11, 0xD0BE7D, 0xC1DB9B, 0xBD17AB, 0x81A2CA, 0x5C6A08,
 112         0x17552E, 0x550027, 0xF0147F, 0x8607E1, 0x640B14, 0x8D4196,
 113         0xDEBE87, 0x2AFDDA, 0xB6256B, 0x34897B, 0xFEF305, 0x9EBFB9,
 114         0x4F6A68, 0xA82A4A, 0x5AC44F, 0xBCF82D, 0x985AD7, 0x95C7F4,
 115         0x8D4D0D, 0xA63A20, 0x5F57A4, 0xB13F14, 0x953880, 0x0120CC,
 116         0x86DD71, 0xB6DEC9, 0xF560BF, 0x11654D, 0x6B0701, 0xACB08C,
 117         0xD0C0B2, 0x485551, 0x0EFB1E, 0xC37295, 0x3B06A3, 0x3540C0,
 118         0x7BDC06, 0xCC45E0, 0xFA294E, 0xC8CAD6, 0x41F3E8, 0xDE647C,
 119         0xD8649B, 0x31BED9, 0xC397A4, 0xD45877, 0xC5E369, 0x13DAF0,
 120         0x3C3ABA, 0x461846, 0x5F7555, 0xF5BDD2, 0xC6926E, 0x5D2EAC,
 121         0xED440E, 0x423E1C, 0x87C461, 0xE9FD29, 0xF3D6E7, 0xCA7C22,
 122         0x35916F, 0xC5E008, 0x8DD7FF, 0xE26A6E, 0xC6FDB0, 0xC10893,
 123         0x745D7C, 0xB2AD6B, 0x9D6ECD, 0x7B723E, 0x6A11C6, 0xA9CFF7,
 124         0xDF7329, 0xBAC9B5, 0x5100B7, 0x0DB2E2, 0x24BA74, 0x607DE5,
 125         0x8AD874, 0x2C150D, 0x0C1881, 0x94667E, 0x162901, 0x767A9F,
 126         0xBEFDFD, 0xEF4556, 0x367ED9, 0x13D9EC, 0xB9BA8B, 0xFC97C4,
 127         0x27A831, 0xC36EF1, 0x36C594, 0x56A8D8, 0xB5A8B4, 0x0ECCCF,
 128         0x2D8912, 0x34576F, 0x89562C, 0xE3CE99, 0xB920D6, 0xAA5E6B,
 129         0x9C2A3E, 0xCC5F11, 0x4A0BFD, 0xFBF4E1, 0x6D3B8E, 0x2C86E2,
 130         0x84D4E9, 0xA9B4FC, 0xD1EEEF, 0xC9352E, 0x61392F, 0x442138,
 131         0xC8D91B, 0x0AFC81, 0x6A4AFB, 0xD81C2F, 0x84B453, 0x8C994E,
 132         0xCC2254, 0xDC552A, 0xD6C6C0, 0x96190B, 0xB8701A, 0x649569,
 133         0x605A26, 0xEE523F, 0x0F117F, 0x11B5F4, 0xF5CBFC, 0x2DBC34,
 134         0xEEBC34, 0xCC5DE8, 0x605EDD, 0x9B8E67, 0xEF3392, 0xB817C9,
 135         0x9B5861, 0xBC57E1, 0xC68351, 0x103ED8, 0x4871DD, 0xDD1C2D,
 136         0xA118AF, 0x462C21, 0xD7F359, 0x987AD9, 0xC0549E, 0xFA864F,
 137         0xFC0656, 0xAE79E5, 0x362289, 0x22AD38, 0xDC9367, 0xAAE855,
 138         0x382682, 0x9BE7CA, 0xA40D51, 0xB13399, 0x0ED7A9, 0x480569,
 139         0xF0B265, 0xA7887F, 0x974C88, 0x36D1F9, 0xB39221, 0x4A827B,
 140         0x21CF98, 0xDC9F40, 0x5547DC, 0x3A74E1, 0x42EB67, 0xDF9DFE,
 141         0x5FD45E, 0xA4677B, 0x7AACBA, 0xA2F655, 0x23882B, 0x55BA41,
 142         0x086E59, 0x862A21, 0x834739, 0xE6E389, 0xD49EE5, 0x40FB49,
 143         0xE956FF, 0xCA0F1C, 0x8A59C5, 0x2BFA94, 0xC5C1D3, 0xCFC50F,
 144         0xAE5ADB, 0x86C547, 0x624385, 0x3B8621, 0x94792C, 0x876110,
 145         0x7B4C2A, 0x1A2C80, 0x12BF43, 0x902688, 0x893C78, 0xE4C4A8,
 146         0x7BDBE5, 0xC23AC4, 0xEAF426, 0x8A67F7, 0xBF920D, 0x2BA365,
 147         0xB1933D, 0x0B7CBD, 0xDC51A4, 0x63DD27, 0xDDE169, 0x19949A,
 148         0x9529A8, 0x28CE68, 0xB4ED09, 0x209F44, 0xCA984E, 0x638270,
 149         0x237C7E, 0x32B90F, 0x8EF5A7, 0xE75614, 0x08F121, 0x2A9DB5,
 150         0x4D7E6F, 0x5119A5, 0xABF9B5, 0xD6DF82, 0x61DD96, 0x023616,
 151         0x9F3AC4, 0xA1A283, 0x6DED72, 0x7A8D39, 0xA9B882, 0x5C326B,
 152         0x5B2746, 0xED3400, 0x7700D2, 0x55F4FC, 0x4D5901, 0x8071E0,
 153         0xE13F89, 0xB295F3, 0x64A8F1, 0xAEA74B, 0x38FC4C, 0xEAB2BB,
 154         0x47270B, 0xABC3A7, 0x34BA60, 0x52DD34, 0xF8563A, 0xEB7E8A,
 155         0x31BB36, 0x5895B7, 0x47F7A9, 0x94C3AA, 0xD39225, 0x1E7F3E,
 156         0xD8974E, 0xBBA94F, 0xD8AE01, 0xE661B4, 0x393D8E, 0xA523AA,
 157         0x33068E, 0x1633B5, 0x3BB188, 0x1D3A9D, 0x4013D0, 0xCC1BE5,
 158         0xF862E7, 0x3BF28F, 0x39B5BF, 0x0BC235, 0x22747E, 0xA247C0,
 159         0xD52D1F, 0x19ADD3, 0x9094DF, 0x9311D0, 0xB42B25, 0x496DB2,
 160         0xE264B2, 0x5EF135, 0x3BC6A4, 0x1A4AD0, 0xAAC92E, 0x64E886,
 161         0x573091, 0x982CFB, 0x311B1A, 0x08728B, 0xBDCEE1, 0x60E142,
 162         0xEB641D, 0xD0BBA3, 0xE559D4, 0x597B8C, 0x2A4483, 0xF332BA,
 163         0xF84867, 0x2C8D1B, 0x2FA9B0, 0x50F3DD, 0xF9F573, 0xDB61B4,
 164         0xFE233E, 0x6C41A6, 0xEEA318, 0x775A26, 0xBC5E5C, 0xCEA708,
 165         0x94DC57, 0xE20196, 0xF1E839, 0xBE4851, 0x5D2D2F, 0x4E9555,
 166         0xD96EC2, 0xE7D755, 0x6304E0, 0xC02E0E, 0xFC40A0, 0xBBF9B3,
 167         0x7125A7, 0x222DFB, 0xF619D8, 0x838C1C, 0x6619E6, 0xB20D55,
 168         0xBB5137, 0x79E809, 0xAF9149, 0x0D73DE, 0x0B0DA5, 0xCE7F58,
 169         0xAC1934, 0x724667, 0x7A1A13, 0x9E26BC, 0x4555E7, 0x585CB5,
 170         0x711D14, 0x486991, 0x480D60, 0x56ADAB, 0xD62F64, 0x96EE0C,
 171         0x212FF3, 0x5D6D88, 0xA67684, 0x95651E, 0xAB9E0A, 0x4DDEFE,
 172         0x571010, 0x836A39, 0xF8EA31, 0x9E381D, 0xEAC8B1, 0xCAC96B,
 173         0x37F21E, 0xD505E9, 0x984743, 0x9FC56C, 0x0331B7, 0x3B8BF8,
 174         0x86E56A, 0x8DC343, 0x6230E7, 0x93CFD5, 0x6A8F2D, 0x733005,
 175         0x1AF021, 0xA09FCB, 0x7415A1, 0xD56B23, 0x6FF725, 0x2F4BC7,
 176         0xB8A591, 0x7FAC59, 0x5C55DE, 0x212C38, 0xB13296, 0x5CFF50,
 177         0x366262, 0xFA7B16, 0xF4D9A6, 0x2ACFE7, 0xF07403, 0xD4D604,
 178         0x6FD916, 0x31B1BF, 0xCBB450, 0x5BD7C8, 0x0CE194, 0x6BD643,
 179         0x4FD91C, 0xDF4543, 0x5F3453, 0xE2B5AA, 0xC9AEC8, 0x131485,
 180         0xF9D2BF, 0xBADB9E, 0x76F5B9, 0xAF15CF, 0xCA3182, 0x14B56D,
 181         0xE9FE4D, 0x50FC35, 0xF5AED5, 0xA2D0C1, 0xC96057, 0x192EB6,
 182         0xE91D92, 0x07D144, 0xAEA3C6, 0x343566, 0x26D5B4, 0x3161E2,
 183         0x37F1A2, 0x209EFF, 0x958E23, 0x493798, 0x35F4A6, 0x4BDC02,
 184         0xC2BE13, 0xBE80A0, 0x0B72A3, 0x115C5F, 0x1E1BD1, 0x0DB4D3,
 185         0x869E85, 0x96976B, 0x2AC91F, 0x8A26C2, 0x3070F0, 0x041412,
 186         0xFC9FA5, 0xF72A38, 0x9C6878, 0xE2AA76, 0x50CFE1, 0x559274,
 187         0x934E38, 0x0A92F7, 0x5533F0, 0xA63DB4, 0x399971, 0xE2B755,
 188         0xA98A7C, 0x008F19, 0xAC54D2, 0x2EA0B4, 0xF5F3E0, 0x60C849,
 189         0xFFD269, 0xAE52CE, 0x7A5FDD, 0xE9CE06, 0xFB0AE8, 0xA50CCE,
 190         0xEA9D3E, 0x3766DD, 0xB834F5, 0x0DA090,
 191 };
 193 #if 0
 194 const int _TBL_ipio2l_66[] = {
 195         0xA2F983, 0x6E4E44, 0x152A00, 0x062BC4, 0x0DA276, 0xBED4C1,
 196         0xFDF905, 0x5CD5BA, 0x767CEC, 0x1F80D6, 0xC26053, 0x3A0070,
 197         0x107C2A, 0xF68EE9, 0x687B7A, 0xB990AA, 0x38DE4B, 0x96CFF3,
 198         0x92735E, 0x8B34F6, 0x195BFC, 0x27F88E, 0xA93EC5, 0x3958A5,
 199         0x3E5D13, 0x1C55A8, 0x5B4A8B, 0xA42E04, 0x12D105, 0x35580D,
 200         0xF62347, 0x450900, 0xB98BCA, 0xF7E8A4, 0xA2E5D5, 0x69BC52,
 201         0xF0381D, 0x1A0A88, 0xFE8714, 0x7F6735, 0xBB7D4D, 0xC6F642,
 202         0xB27E80, 0x6191BF, 0xB6B750, 0x52776E, 0xD60FD0, 0x607DCC,
 203         0x68BFAF, 0xED69FC, 0x6EB305, 0xD2557D, 0x25BDFB, 0x3E4AA1,
 204         0x84472D, 0x8B0376, 0xF77740, 0xD290DF, 0x15EC8C, 0x45A5C3,
 205         0x6181EF, 0xC5E7E8, 0xD8909C, 0xF62144, 0x298428, 0x6E5D9D,
 206         0xF9A9B4, 0xCDBD2F, 0xC083E7, 0x0D3957, 0xECA3B2, 0x96223C,
 207         0xC1080D, 0x087D47, 0x7D7576, 0xA614B1, 0x42A4B6, 0xAA173C,
 208         0xE217E5, 0xFDCD34, 0x279D5F, 0x39AACA, 0x1CA8DF, 0x8B6633,
 209         0x5C49E4, 0xB56803, 0x1E7938, 0x741FDC, 0x4CB19B, 0xCECC3B,
 210         0x921EB7, 0x7C0FC3, 0x361F23, 0xF9EE22, 0xBA4235, 0xA5FCA3,
 211         0xBD4680, 0xFCDF65, 0xFC96AD, 0x31C90C, 0x919EEB, 0xFE0FB7,
 212         0x75B4B0, 0x693961, 0x75BCAA, 0xEB6F39, 0xA343C0, 0xD16FF2,
 213         0x33DAD0, 0xC1E095, 0x053182, 0x11E4A1, 0x40F943, 0x32D314,
 214         0xAF1B98, 0xE1B05A, 0xE5F3AD, 0x6E633F, 0x363D14, 0xA3777C,
 215         0xC8C6EE, 0x001E18, 0x0D180C, 0xAA1369, 0xEDFBA2, 0x998A9D,
 216         0x16E799, 0x693B75, 0x90EF50, 0x938DD4, 0xFB7ACD, 0x67CEEB,
 217         0x249DE3, 0x9B9B52, 0xD8CDAC, 0xC31A54, 0x855FBF, 0x848591,
 218         0x0954B0, 0x946B8C, 0xA4C7B4, 0x9A9E51, 0xF20425, 0xAA2637,
 219         0xFC6657, 0x7D8625, 0x620B74, 0x8B578D, 0xEC9A05, 0xDEF24F,
 220         0x7F19B0, 0xFC2544, 0x1DA0F1, 0x23790C, 0xC4294D, 0x6D3C32,
 221         0x66FE56, 0xD45562, 0x66264F, 0xA24162, 0x13E930, 0xB0E7C0,
 222         0xFA0E97, 0xBFC62C, 0x0E663F, 0x90F33B, 0x55E73C, 0xD791F7,
 223         0xD3F00D, 0xAB01C7, 0x40CF8F, 0xA593BA, 0xE627D5, 0x4A8308,
 224         0x32DC06, 0x80C876, 0x1C3DB5, 0xB5489F, 0x632CDF, 0xB02517,
 225         0xD17EFA, 0x92570F, 0xFAED44, 0x8F8536, 0x27069B, 0xC014DC,
 226         0x997D48, 0x961D61, 0x7A960B, 0x31B622, 0xD3C425, 0xA69520,
 227         0x98D29E, 0xF1C973, 0x5483D7, 0x99611E, 0xEAFF5F, 0x7DEFF1,
 228         0x98475C, 0x91C787, 0x537E17, 0x068C65, 0xF05E52, 0x942F04,
 229         0x37CF92, 0xEF4223, 0xC4C52F, 0x521DAA, 0xBAAF97, 0x972236,
 230         0xA2B3D3, 0x62C921, 0x8D3A8B, 0x2B3302, 0x6061B9, 0x0CBE94,
 231         0x75F451, 0xBD06DE, 0x86042D, 0xFB61ED, 0x4C8869, 0x590232,
 232         0x479963, 0x23518D, 0xAF5D28, 0x60C9DE, 0x473DB0, 0x9DE009,
 233         0xD8FC4C, 0xE96991, 0x9CA455, 0x800BC8, 0x977CE0, 0xDCBFA6,
 234         0x19D249, 0xA0F76D, 0x5F9B2F, 0x452BB3, 0x77E091, 0xB6383A,
 235         0x7BE9C2, 0x4BF7C1, 0x8A5EBF, 0xEB0D55, 0x9AF4DC, 0x275CA0,
 236         0xED09D0, 0xE50A7F, 0xBEF42C, 0x4803AF, 0x56139F, 0xD58848,
 237         0x797D96, 0xB8352E, 0x49D90D, 0x7607E0, 0xC99256, 0x75F530,
 238         0xB72237, 0x1AF080, 0xC2E813, 0x06CFA9, 0xB9DF8E, 0x919C38,
 239         0x89D97E, 0x0464D5, 0xB12EEF, 0xD14165, 0x365A72, 0x550D35,
 240         0x3772D8, 0xF41B58, 0x0378A7, 0x2D5D7D, 0xD6E433, 0xDD2018,
 241         0x139FD7, 0x1B5621, 0x94E046, 0x97A323, 0x693176, 0x28DF59,
 242         0xD24273, 0x0E4E26, 0xA9A8F6, 0xF15B41, 0x450EE3, 0x57EA61,
 243         0x7DADA6, 0xF21086, 0x394BEE, 0x8F4813, 0x3FDEE9, 0xF3A53D,
 244         0xAB2F40, 0x8B1E2B, 0xA07FD4, 0x992CC4, 0x63532D, 0x9F35A2,
 245         0x6FA290, 0x0094DE, 0xD2A24D, 0x755B81, 0x79F9E1, 0xFE1D35,
 246         0xFEE8CC, 0x9224C5, 0x54E2CE, 0x41F31C, 0xF45138, 0xED6D10,
 247         0x6B439D, 0xD2BE46, 0xC327D4, 0x68BFB0, 0x46D5A5, 0x79B285,
 248         0x776D7C, 0xE18647, 0x00E32F, 0xEBB7F2, 0x5DE307, 0x5A8EA0,
 249         0x06CEFE, 0x20923C, 0x354CE1, 0xAD09C5, 0x56996D, 0xCFB124,
 250         0xEF7BC1, 0x76BF72, 0xF20753, 0x5BBAFA, 0xB8A2B2, 0x5914F2,
 251         0x5D834F, 0xE64A08, 0x14C3AB, 0x07796B, 0xF2212D, 0xC74049,
 252         0xB61C6A, 0x282CFC, 0x25070C, 0x315BF1, 0x6FEAD3, 0x2CD2E5,
 253         0xD10F9C, 0x1972BB, 0x908073, 0x0F368C, 0x69BE97, 0xA242B0,
 254         0x722DFE, 0xAFE6A2, 0x143D8B, 0x5C5699, 0x48232B, 0xFF49AC,
 255         0xB5FA62, 0x6AD778, 0x7A844D, 0x258AA0, 0x8EDE3D, 0x9A9496,
 256         0x49924E, 0xA33E97, 0x4F43FA, 0xC40741, 0x2F764A, 0x8EB2B1,
 257         0x8E67D3, 0x9FF324, 0x51B11B, 0x5D6E09, 0xE9AD3E, 0xFFA902,
 258         0xF48653, 0x0845D3, 0xDED33E, 0x32D30E, 0x6247CA, 0x7C586D,
 259         0x2EAF9E, 0x323A35, 0xAD11FB, 0x0F420C, 0x0E0685, 0x401B60,
 260         0xBB3D43, 0xF4D489, 0xBCDC4C, 0x40FFBA, 0x18AB08, 0x7AC72D,
 261         0x5E76DB, 0xE8344E, 0x3975A2, 0xF9611B, 0x1121F3, 0x3A429C,
 262         0x9B18EC, 0xF298B1, 0x8AEC78, 0x1C248B, 0x69108F, 0xDB2D37,
 263         0xA1A613, 0x910359, 0x521451, 0xD4441F, 0x0BB3B6, 0x50D9DB,
 264         0xBD589F, 0x62A62E, 0xA9B903, 0x935F63, 0x058BEC, 0x78BCB5,
 265         0x2CB460, 0x3A9037, 0x0291C4, 0x1FABC1, 0xBE7D05, 0xF948E7,
 266         0x6BA5CD, 0xF62A0A, 0x9AEA19, 0x2257AB, 0x2E0D7D, 0x9EB93F,
 267         0x5E3F77, 0xD4A13F, 0x08E3DB, 0xDFD689, 0x2B9B4E, 0xB58427,
 268         0x25424B, 0x1197FD, 0xCF298A, 0x314008, 0xD5687F, 0x0F0EAC,
 269         0x13C485, 0xF684B2, 0xED7EC7, 0x6E636D, 0x28C933, 0xE19058,
 270         0x688B6A, 0xC88905, 0xFB2F31, 0x61304C, 0xC19765, 0x60D81A,
 271         0x57F276, 0xC6EFC4, 0x048954, 0x303470, 0xDA6F6F, 0x93901A,
 272         0x911439, 0x363D12, 0x59E72B, 0x6F9F1E, 0x57C584, 0xDF0D23,
 273         0xBB743F, 0xADE99C, 0x546097, 0xFCC820, 0xCBB968, 0xDA9B5F,
 274         0x0DC271, 0x563337, 0x9ED662, 0xE7C44F, 0x3129F8, 0xF5EAF9,
 275         0xDAF7F2, 0xCD09FF, 0xA92535, 0x441C29, 0x7DF436, 0xE2B00A,
 276         0x36746F, 0xF1DC61, 0x9D3C9C, 0x63AB71, 0xB8F3BB, 0x1C80F6,
 277         0x62FF65, 0x5FFE5F, 0x3B2814, 0xBADE27, 0x1B384B, 0x268AA9,
 278         0xBD91EF, 0xCA436B, 0xABE107, 0x88DCA6, 0xC3AFC0, 0x85D155,
 279         0x464A48, 0xBFDAEB, 0xC6F389, 0x907C11, 0x0D3E41, 0xCD2197,
 280         0x549008, 0x817E4E, 0x8C7154, 0x1DC37F, 0x5E897E, 0xA9A2FE,
 281         0xEC6060, 0xCC0728, 0x430D3B, 0x62471C, 0xD3A4D3, 0x2BA57B,
 282         0xE5D15A, 0xD632F3, 0xF2B76F, 0xEC8498, 0xAE41C2, 0xAAF413,
 283         0xEAF5C0, 0xDD1B07, 0xB9A2A0, 0x59F230, 0xA3F61B, 0x8F8643,
 284         0x05DE6B, 0x1B5B8E, 0x63ECC5, 0xBFF01D, 0x8F1440, 0x3F8ADF,
 285         0x2E6539, 0xF3DB7A, 0x293FE5, 0x7EE714, 0x88E6D8, 0x2B2A6A,
 286         0xDF6E34, 0x8D4604, 0x4F6594, 0x639063, 0x6B51CC, 0x0D05CD,
 287         0x009607, 0xE7BF70, 0xC9A0EA, 0x0D80DD, 0xA1A065, 0x0DCB8F,
 288         0xA48430, 0x715934, 0x6FC8E4, 0x6FFC52, 0xEF8B05, 0xDE506A,
 289         0xE62BBC, 0x31480F, 0xEA64EA, 0x51E6FB, 0x9AE773, 0x21C54D,
 290         0xBFA080, 0x273D1E, 0x9FFD4E, 0x0C2CA8, 0x0690A5, 0xF8773B,
 291         0x4B2680, 0x6E3F56, 0xC8B89F, 0x0B7BD0, 0x71C8BF, 0x5AABD3,
 292         0x2BA93E, 0x9D2EE1, 0xCDF2FA, 0xEE57BE, 0x84A116, 0xDA756D,
 293         0x8FD6C0, 0x927153, 0xFF5EF3, 0x9F8331, 0x713411, 0xF945F3,
 294         0x0382B2, 0x8BAE30, 0xBC45A4, 0x630101, 0x5C9C3A, 0x643CFD,
 295         0x48115C, 0x17F03E, 0xB5F55E, 0x288DAF, 0x725660, 0xFB58E0,
 296         0xFC189E, 0x1ECA69, 0xFB19A6, 0xFA7A92, 0x7CC48E, 0x869372,
 297         0x58089A, 0x16DB5C, 0xADC0CD, 0x09D3D4, 0xD1108E, 0xDC64ED,
 298         0x3A999C, 0xAA8716, 0x5A3D8E, 0x7037FB, 0x1976AD, 0xE477D7,
 299         0x23782B, 0xC51F39, 0x4A5E9A, 0xDAD9DA, 0xE5B559, 0x08EF06,
 300         0x76E24F, 0x7361AD, 0x5F42A3, 0x9B70E5, 0xCE96C4, 0x552E99,
 301         0x6D7A6F, 0x804474, 0x4FA45B, 0x1D115B, 0x6D109E, 0x0A1A63,
 302         0x1084A6, 0xE18E5D, 0x2D8589, 0x203345, 0x4851AF, 0xA71EDC,
 303         0x03B6B1, 0x267970, 0xDEC908, 0x795BED, 0x7099B9, 0x209321,
 304         0x7FC2E7, 0x0F3E5E, 0xC7A4F4, 0x088129, 0x59AE63, 0x4E3251,
 305         0x344268, 0x79285D, 0x2B9494, 0xF1E2A2, 0xF7DA20, 0xDF6756,
 306         0xCA3BA3, 0x422489, 0xA2239C, 0x38724D, 0x2AC767, 0x601E9D,
 307         0xB47C6C, 0xA22481, 0xBBB655, 0x1EC0C4, 0xD84A97, 0xD449EE,
 308         0x162C9D, 0x782F29, 0xCEB4FA, 0xE317BC, 0x2FFDBD, 0xB342D2,
 309         0xB2CB19, 0x323AB9, 0x1AFF93, 0x13A8DF, 0x86B5A5, 0x5741D6,
 310         0xC54342, 0x3CAC29, 0xF7517C, 0x129A7A, 0xB2B8B4, 0x9B709F,
 311         0x3923C5, 0xEAFA6E, 0xDB9077, 0x29EEA0, 0x702D8C, 0x4DC14F,
 312         0xE46933, 0xA764E4, 0x754266, 0xFA4F98, 0x643DA5, 0xCA775C,
 313         0x7F1632, 0xE671A3, 0x4BF4C6, 0xA82378, 0xEFD317, 0xE62D38,
 314         0xD461C9, 0x8EEC80, 0xC89882, 0x4CC73C, 0x830F3F, 0xE4B200,
 315         0x582615, 0x6CD558, 0xA66727, 0xEF7975, 0xFEA5CE, 0x147A40,
 316         0x4796E4, 0xC07761, 0xF5D5B3, 0x6B65FB, 0xE4F14D, 0xA837CA,
 317         0x9A152A, 0x554E94, 0x83EC5F, 0xA62174, 0x85E2ED, 0xCCE71C,
 318         0x3540FF, 0x088A84, 0xBA2816, 0x293610, 0x4C3EE7, 0x8E55A9,
 319         0x49E5E5, 0x782178, 0x45D2AA, 0x9BB449, 0x00D282, 0xF61E67,
 320         0xE2F7DE, 0xCC6AA1, 0xCD1979, 0x52FEDB, 0x9A8776, 0x70A018,
 321         0x500271, 0x1273BA, 0xDE648E, 0x7AC7F7, 0x767725, 0xD0A457,
 322         0xF17250, 0xBC578C, 0x2DFD3A, 0x97F988, 0xA576C8, 0x8129BB,
 323         0x22D9C3, 0x0436ED, 0x650791, 0xA314EC, 0x42A0B3, 0x37A521,
 324         0x4BFB2B, 0x8C1B7F, 0x115E17, 0xF7C27F, 0xC1D5EB, 0x060487,
 325         0x8A28D6, 0x41330F, 0xBFAE67, 0x7774E8, 0x4CCC3C, 0x6B2F80,
 326         0x628BF2, 0x1E41A6, 0x8D0B22, 0xBC85BA, 0xCCF461, 0xBEC69C,
 327         0xDF8A10, 0x3C5E71, 0x2F8D5F, 0x63D3DA, 0x5934D1, 0x2CA35D,
 328         0xC687A2, 0x24E9B4, 0x1843D3, 0x5C9B97, 0x9B580C, 0x780B2C,
 329         0x59943D, 0x0744D0, 0x8DA6E3, 0x07AAF6, 0x2214D0, 0x72E8D7,
 330         0x54151B, 0x514DE9, 0x8DCC3B, 0x0CEB00, 0x2C4DE3, 0x5012AE,
 331         0xD7B72E, 0xB7DE9A, 0x641B2F, 0xF9CF17, 0x8BD282, 0x9F31A3,
 332         0xDED846, 0x467E05, 0x26CCEA, 0xF8E404, 0x65572E, 0x82C594,
 333         0xE572A9, 0x895653, 0xA1AA94, 0x8DD876, 0x5E9A61, 0x69EB1C,
 334         0x0385A9, 0x5BC844, 0x95B2DF, 0x6678F6, 0xFA7033, 0xE4F434,
 335         0x5584A9, 0x32C099, 0x9AD846, 0xB3FFD1, 0xA81C56, 0x4E54EF,
 336         0x54D173, 0xF191B4, 0x49B2A2, 0xB309D9, 0x546D8D, 0xC0A51E,
 337         0xCAFFC0, 0x785400, 0x05F69D, 0x894056, 0xC33098, 0xDFF6C2,
 338         0x908D97, 0x05CC96, 0x46484B, 0xBD7B9D, 0xB152F5, 0x5A7461,
 339         0x59CA20, 0x8F8EF5, 0xC9FF05, 0xF6F398, 0x856C97, 0x81E07C,
 340         0xAE5EDA, 0x51BDC9, 0xF26437, 0xBBC8CE, 0x091B52, 0x68B6A5,
 341         0x90750E, 0x925EF9, 0x3D9CB3, 0x46EA96, 0x97D648, 0x78BCC7,
 342         0xF4B488, 0x05275E, 0x6619DF, 0x56D4A0, 0x8C5C41, 0xDB345A,
 343         0x0B79DA, 0x496369, 0x96109B, 0x667664, 0xC40CF9, 0x91D7CA,
 344         0x119F1A, 0xA99272, 0xCBB529, 0xBB033E, 0x8F91C0, 0x570045,
 345         0xB845C2, 0x2B8E52, 0x687AFB, 0x0D0AA3, 0x200863, 0x043B83,
 346         0xF129DE, 0x49C2D6, 0x9641D2, 0xC4747C, 0x220804, 0x503F05,
 347         0x7E274F, 0xCA83D9, 0x9D6495, 0x0E5039,
 348 };
 349 const int _TBL_ipio2l_53[] = {
 350         0xA2F983, 0x6E4E44, 0x16F3C4, 0xEA69B5, 0xD3E131, 0x60E1D2,
 351         0xD7982A, 0xC031F5, 0xD67BCC, 0xFD1375, 0x60919B, 0x3FA0BB,
 352         0x612ABB, 0x714F9B, 0x03DA8A, 0xC05948, 0xD023F4, 0x5AFA37,
 353         0x51631D, 0xCD7A90, 0xC0474A, 0xF6A6F3, 0x1A52E1, 0x5C3927,
 354         0x3ADA45, 0x4E2DB5, 0x64E8C4, 0x274A5B, 0xB74ADC, 0x1E6591,
 355         0x2822BE, 0x4771F5, 0x12A63F, 0x83BD35, 0x2488CA, 0x1FE1BE,
 356         0x42C21A, 0x682569, 0x2AFB91, 0x68ADE1, 0x4A42E5, 0x9BE357,
 357         0xB79675, 0xCE998A, 0x83AF8B, 0xE645E6, 0xDF0789, 0x9E9747,
 358         0xAA15FF, 0x358C3F, 0xAF3141, 0x72A3F7, 0x2BF1D4, 0xF3AD96,
 359         0x7D759F, 0x257FCE, 0x29FB69, 0xB1B42C, 0xC32DE1, 0x8C0BBD,
 360         0x31EC2F, 0x942026, 0x85DCE7, 0x653FF3, 0x136FA7, 0x0D7A5F,
 361         0x93FC61, 0x035287, 0xC77FCA, 0x73530A, 0xC6BC15, 0x0E4B0F,
 362         0x568FCE, 0x2D3456, 0x4D7FE1, 0xA12CD1, 0xB2CEA2, 0x531C62,
 363         0x70B4D2, 0x1BCE9A, 0x87704D, 0x6B83D7, 0xAA8121, 0x2530EA,
 364         0x2074BF, 0x28A071, 0x9D69C3, 0x406DD8, 0xF58783, 0x115D89,
 365         0x5E85F3, 0xAACDCC, 0x8C0B57, 0xD7DFFE, 0x550D96, 0xC43EB4,
 366         0x89ABA7, 0x94F595, 0x56F260, 0x06A4CD, 0x7FD2E2, 0x6FDFA8,
 367         0x3E9C98, 0xBFD682, 0xAD3A12, 0x23A8A6, 0x173A89, 0x5DE9BD,
 368         0x95A978, 0x28E484, 0x5964F3, 0x496AF0, 0x4B1DA9, 0x989061,
 369         0xBD2BF2, 0xE01A90, 0x0905B7, 0xAC39AC, 0x52D5B7, 0x109F25,
 370         0x3AE1DC, 0xF90A7C, 0x33F4E5, 0xF5DFDF, 0x1522D0, 0x562CE6,
 371         0x392CFF, 0xEB9032, 0x10A08E, 0x0B1D7F, 0x42B80A, 0x366DD2,
 372         0xC24F89, 0x02222E, 0x21494C, 0x985287, 0x87FD07, 0x2EE361,
 373         0xAD8D68, 0xE72273, 0x9E8D59, 0xD09999, 0x10F4A1, 0x1079A3,
 374         0xE9BEAF, 0x9C0887, 0x09C622, 0xEBCF06, 0x974532, 0x086A8F,
 375         0x6CEA05, 0x388C00, 0x74969E, 0xC85B16, 0x385A38, 0x9A2F35,
 376         0x670531, 0xABA6D0, 0xEFD3C1, 0x27AD92, 0xF4203E, 0x3D619F,
 377         0x4D05F4, 0x9AE7CC, 0x03B592, 0x41FF55, 0xCAFCA5, 0x1A0987,
 378         0x88AB79, 0x3627D4, 0x25B12A, 0x52594A, 0xA2BEB0, 0x25C3F2,
 379         0x4489DA, 0x7959A7, 0xEAEC89, 0xB34714, 0x960196, 0x1FC33A,
 380         0x7F0275, 0x32EF92, 0x0111CE, 0x8E4685, 0x6F5B34, 0xF6123A,
 381         0x5543B2, 0xE9A02A, 0x74E03F, 0x54D5A8, 0x086A2C, 0x4A9CD3,
 382         0x921191, 0x229764, 0x0A1A84, 0x9B45AE, 0xC653A5, 0xB15F33,
 383         0x100FD1, 0x7DD740, 0xB20CD3, 0x0A0786, 0xF506C3, 0x25EBF4,
 384         0x3AB39E, 0xE3BB24, 0x27646F, 0xEECE57, 0x706BFE, 0xC7A869,
 385         0x57ED51, 0x118C82, 0x2B0FF5, 0xC8E545, 0xC43D80, 0x2A3183,
 386         0x4C1BB9, 0xBC108A, 0x099779, 0xF9ECC8, 0x2A1063, 0x5D2F6A,
 387         0x8F2675, 0x12FF6D, 0x32EED9, 0xE4A245, 0x7392CF, 0x5C240B,
 388         0xC476FF, 0x97AFC7, 0xB76131, 0x665E05, 0x67BD57, 0x19E998,
 389         0x3A5863, 0x23B8AA, 0x5B5608, 0x8A66C6, 0x5F2AD3, 0x78BAFA,
 390         0x3516CE, 0xCBEA16, 0x6E40D4, 0xB463D4, 0xA6C12F, 0xABD3D7,
 391         0x32650A, 0x579D10, 0x3CB9E2, 0x1A02A7, 0xDF2FFA, 0x28C991,
 392         0xB2264C, 0x027870, 0x47BDD4, 0xF243B1, 0x39AE2C, 0x282EA4,
 393         0xAF1D98, 0x2AFD16, 0xABE7AF, 0x17CB67, 0x8FF93E, 0x793167,
 394         0x435F6B, 0x48058B, 0x417DA0, 0xE01217, 0x085A69, 0xB50E36,
 395         0x79A4CD, 0xD74907, 0x26C4B5, 0xB90054, 0x06C3AD, 0x5AB38F,
 396         0x585E91, 0xD04E4F, 0x2938CE, 0xD4EAA7, 0xA06DE5, 0x40BFE5,
 397         0xDE6849, 0xEF65F0, 0xF1D4BB, 0x94C21E, 0x66E978, 0x1B9B94,
 398         0x961043, 0x5961B8, 0xBAAA74, 0xD662EE, 0x9DABF6, 0x0AFE28,
 399         0x9587A4, 0xA632BC, 0x09149F, 0xDEA996, 0x2CAFD7, 0xBDE29B,
 400         0x7159E6, 0x1F7C49, 0xF2E2ED, 0xBFA992, 0x7C77EF, 0xC245D0,
 401         0xB2D129, 0x993E75, 0xAB4C0C, 0x5C84B6, 0x17F542, 0x45314E,
 402         0x1DEF1B, 0xE3BDCC, 0xB3AE86, 0x24522F, 0x918FC6, 0x2138D5,
 403         0x883646, 0x6858B6, 0x032762, 0x5170F8, 0x4974EA, 0x76BF77,
 404         0xECDA8A, 0x9EADDD, 0x2404EF, 0xC52A5D, 0xF2E858, 0xC42D60,
 405         0xD18C08, 0xDE59B2, 0x4CC3A6, 0x94D888, 0x4C4AF0, 0xCF1F8C,
 406         0xBF2F6F, 0x7B4535, 0x98B0DB, 0x2BE0CF, 0x4616A7, 0xA8D9FB,
 407         0x88CA7A, 0x5087E1, 0x18DD8A, 0x1A9F4F, 0x1DCECE, 0xF8609E,
 408         0xE2F0C8, 0x9AD7D4, 0xE3CDFE, 0xC6FDD5, 0x8FF3CD, 0x7D45AA,
 409         0xD34957, 0x7C1963, 0x6CE098, 0xB70215, 0x326BBF, 0x47B3A6,
 410         0xF9235D, 0x6F66F5, 0xC6E40C, 0xE7F50B, 0xFF2FDD, 0x5A1251,
 411         0xE95EF1, 0xDE8E67, 0xECEE9B, 0xC9F98E, 0x722224, 0x6DF750,
 412         0x81D08F, 0x2BFCF0, 0xDDC10D, 0x775314, 0xDB1D87, 0x41626B,
 413         0x9EDF31, 0x7738D9, 0x8D9EB4, 0x4F1C2A, 0xF3E795, 0xB69699,
 414         0xD9A56D, 0x31BB1B, 0x542975, 0xAB917B, 0x63927C, 0x9BB764,
 415         0x84A598, 0x0A0C51, 0x5E48C4, 0x7780E3, 0x87E156, 0x155972,
 416         0xE406F8, 0x48AB9E, 0x3CCDDA, 0x010F87, 0x683B70, 0x400CAD,
 417         0x5DE5C5, 0x7262FA, 0xFA248D, 0x013AF2, 0xE2E8B5, 0x995F7D,
 418         0x7F8C4B, 0x0E8B59, 0x1006F1, 0x40B6E9, 0x760654, 0xCBCC8C,
 419         0x086F40, 0xDC7F6F, 0xFCD0D4, 0xA47ADE, 0x5204FA, 0xF38A9D,
 420         0xE76C7C, 0x575207, 0x499BF1, 0x0DB01C, 0x09098E, 0x957A71,
 421         0xD53E0E, 0x61DF1D, 0xE6EF34, 0x5821EC, 0x96BCC0, 0xDC96CE,
 422         0xA9C0AE, 0x130B2C, 0xCCC589, 0x829BB9, 0x2A75BA, 0x97611C,
 423         0x0CEAB8, 0x165D9D, 0x35AD41, 0x82A805, 0x975628, 0x5601A6,
 424         0x074F08, 0x80A27D, 0xEFA64E, 0xD7BB4B, 0x5E6397, 0xC92FFC,
 425         0x4F3F7A, 0xBEA764, 0x0C9B7D, 0xC5DC74, 0xEAD216, 0x6DBBC0,
 426         0x913E3E, 0xABF50B, 0x95B24A, 0x3FC9C5, 0xE7BA15, 0x8C7F70,
 427         0xF81358, 0x774606, 0xCE8C0D, 0xB6B268, 0xB85BA6, 0xAC9B2E,
 428         0x1AAB05, 0x0C6C82, 0x6EC2AE, 0x606874, 0x8F60BF, 0x1FBC7B,
 429         0x58C97A, 0x448794, 0xBA48A0, 0x72E882, 0x6D3568, 0xE131FD,
 430         0x4745D0, 0x0BFA1E, 0x07B01D, 0x474D43, 0x59387E, 0x5B0AD5,
 431         0xC37A8C, 0x0474E8, 0x13D99D, 0x68A13C, 0xB69118, 0x89228C,
 432         0x6F7D83, 0x86D665, 0x5C7744, 0xDD183E, 0x1C2E17, 0x712F5E,
 433         0x4AACCB, 0xB69B68, 0xA1201F, 0x743C2B, 0xF6AD70, 0x92E024,
 434         0xF34FD8, 0x33712E, 0xFE1D73, 0x4471F0, 0x7D0526, 0x58AF47,
 435         0x7B11FE, 0x1FCE4F, 0x1356C9, 0x9CE3CA, 0xA843C0, 0x8EEA3C,
 436         0xABEEE4, 0xA5D495, 0xA407A4, 0x31BB4B, 0x0AA1E3, 0x518E7C,
 437         0xAA4A66, 0xD82CD8, 0x6EF8D2, 0x6F32E6, 0x1DC26B, 0x17AE59,
 438         0x4B683B, 0x8D48F7, 0xF4FBD8, 0xD4FE0A, 0xE961DE, 0x87BD37,
 439         0xE6CCD6, 0xCBD76D, 0x3E99DE, 0xB72E21, 0x54EB90, 0x6AB45D,
 440         0x600AFB, 0xA17B2F, 0xDA0421, 0xE6CA95, 0x35AAA2, 0x7D8FB1,
 441         0x3207BB, 0xBF82EE, 0x71F55F, 0xC661CB, 0xBD72A1, 0xBF5A64,
 442         0x6E39E8, 0x6C6DE2, 0x2BD178, 0xAF62A5, 0xA7D86E, 0xE7D0FE,
 443         0x84DB03, 0x67FDA2, 0x2D6809, 0x0F8B8F, 0x1B50E3, 0x234EF5,
 444         0x7325ED, 0x8F8F4C, 0xC1E426, 0x3066AD, 0x0759A4, 0xE03390,
 445         0x70CC9A, 0x524F77, 0xCDD489, 0x97DD24, 0xA81858, 0xF24513,
 446         0xA9C18E, 0x2A2F82, 0xC2C014, 0xB8E7F0, 0x934036, 0xD36E51,
 447         0xD9A089, 0xDBC587, 0xB30418, 0x969192, 0x0A5213, 0xE21841,
 448         0x2881EC, 0x9A293F, 0x0DF705, 0x85B497, 0xE430B9, 0xE90ECF,
 449         0xC15FDC, 0x9E8A7E, 0xC5472D, 0xB54FBD, 0x456AF2, 0xCA80B6,
 450         0xAE25FE, 0xA03B46, 0x6C6CFD, 0x78382A, 0x0E7877, 0x7F2D31,
 451         0x03C827, 0x61CF52, 0x339A2F, 0x2286A9, 0xE41DF0, 0x640F5C,
 452         0xBEF364, 0x010506, 0x6D2C21, 0x841EFF, 0x7F3B5D, 0xD98DC8,
 453         0x0F9421, 0xA25B0C, 0x4C2C44, 0x922392, 0xB98A8A, 0x6179B9,
 454         0xF7B419, 0x289AAF, 0xE92F47, 0x5E47A2, 0x82927F, 0xC7290E,
 455         0x6C925C, 0xBA5A3C, 0x8FB7F6, 0x9C4BEE, 0x02C529, 0x0CFCD7,
 456         0x5EBD8C, 0x7196E0, 0x4B917E, 0x6B9780, 0x6A1731, 0xA617FF,
 457         0x27A20D, 0x5A56A3, 0x43C4DB, 0xC62EA4, 0x637A84, 0x1C46F9,
 458         0x33C780, 0x61A278, 0x4915C9, 0xD6C776, 0x6A7C66, 0xD8DD0C,
 459         0xF87EB1, 0x124C43, 0x5B87E7, 0x097456, 0x3C2FA7, 0x307C4A,
 460         0x54267A, 0x30E34E, 0xC0CF98, 0xD75B19, 0xFADEDB, 0x12CBE8,
 461         0x29F24C, 0x579C7E, 0xBF3682, 0xDCB460, 0xAE08B3, 0xA524BC,
 462         0xC181C2, 0x5DAB90, 0x466602, 0x55345B, 0xA13941, 0x47D820,
 463         0x278066, 0x81B089, 0x165EFB, 0x4D27FD, 0x2BF9F4, 0x2E2FFB,
 464         0x6106B5, 0xE76806, 0x445A84, 0x0BDA0D, 0x49D7A4, 0x72650D,
 465         0xCDC55B, 0x3E16BC, 0x132F6F, 0x29E8FD, 0xE58428, 0x621E41,
 466         0x7D2AC4, 0xAB5697, 0xAC61EB, 0xE5DAF0, 0x654ED6, 0x8E77E3,
 467         0x0B2FBC, 0x2E63A3, 0xC8296A, 0x8B631F, 0x4ECCA6, 0x91859C,
 468         0x9E3E45, 0x0E3CC7, 0xC12454, 0xCCBCB6, 0x17979E, 0xD0D374,
 469         0xA489A2, 0xC6258F, 0xE8EF9E, 0x12EE26, 0xC614C2, 0x62E23E,
 470         0xCA8C5C, 0x409AC9, 0x511D05, 0xA88CE0, 0x195500, 0xF7144F,
 471         0x913BB7, 0x17D064, 0xF6C9CE, 0xAC5D11, 0xD0C313, 0xBCCCB6,
 472         0xAAD4FC, 0xE47B2C, 0xFE4362, 0xF2E712, 0x2D5EFF, 0x833822,
 473         0x58A1D7, 0x68377C, 0xE49B25, 0x22B179, 0x048796, 0x069400,
 474         0xE670D3, 0xD2CB85, 0x55FBE6, 0x67F281, 0xFE2DE0, 0x8CFAF2,
 475         0x9865BC, 0x210CD3, 0x86DD70, 0x43D00F, 0x55E279, 0x679252,
 476         0x8D4F58, 0xE17AC5, 0x6A6127, 0x1B0876, 0x5D8ED0, 0x701330,
 477         0xD5BD25, 0xC9A126, 0x57C571, 0xDC5C3F, 0xB6D34E, 0xB72383,
 478         0x001A9E, 0x7D36C0, 0x8151F6, 0x65D7C1, 0xE1F513, 0xCD372A,
 479         0xE69B0C, 0xD02685, 0x23C3EB, 0x3544CB, 0xF0BE31, 0x83F399,
 480         0xCB93F8, 0xFFC693, 0x908EC6, 0x8E5DE1, 0x315B7E, 0x67CE7B,
 481         0x40AAF7, 0x7FD285, 0x069B36, 0x03C00A, 0x13C7D5, 0x0DA14C,
 482         0x1EAAD4, 0x2B777F, 0x8E05C1, 0x5AD1AE, 0x60C398, 0xA4EA59,
 483         0x10BEED, 0x88F2FA, 0x69B941, 0xA54E70, 0xA817C3, 0xB96246,
 484         0xE8EEDC, 0x56D570, 0xBBEBB5, 0xD8F235, 0x201AB9, 0x9CC747,
 485         0x5BC2FB, 0xC877F3, 0x428CF6, 0x4EEF84, 0xBF85FD, 0xEE6D34,
 486         0x84C2DE, 0xC42F4C, 0x1A513B, 0x9AC41F, 0x87FFFA, 0x1CA431,
 487         0x714252, 0xC73FB9, 0x662D89, 0x3D83BA, 0xBDF046, 0x2E4F62,
 488         0x76B7C0, 0x81336C, 0xBE80A9, 0x4C9D72, 0x739A15, 0x47972C,
 489         0xA36A1B, 0xD31731, 0x54BA46, 0x2E8C72, 0xFEA5A5, 0x9A7E5F,
 490         0xC359ED, 0x8F0FFB, 0x1270DA, 0x5E9B08, 0xB0BFCB, 0x36974C,
 491         0x6CD8F9, 0xD02E1F, 0x1C3F2F, 0xFCF8F0, 0x4C2C6D, 0x0B2169,
 492         0x48B9CE, 0x42737D, 0xA8E974, 0x64062D, 0xA86C59, 0xEEC419,
 493         0x047C83, 0x996A23, 0xF2A4C8, 0x4BE1B8, 0x348286, 0xE84240,
 494         0x8337CB, 0xE55A2F, 0xC17750, 0xA4DA06, 0x64347F, 0x59A5A1,
 495         0xDFF53D, 0x62A571, 0xEECF3A, 0x886700, 0xC06DAF, 0x4E161F,
 496         0x12670E, 0xBDFE1A, 0xA72B38, 0x5BA22C, 0xFED227, 0x3FC814,
 497         0x150E5A, 0xE99B3A, 0x8EE9FC, 0xBC1845, 0x32373A, 0xBDA476,
 498         0xCEB88F, 0x7FAED3, 0xDB9116, 0x31CF72, 0x1A5136, 0xC4F362,
 499         0xDE4799, 0x768043, 0x386207, 0x8E5497, 0xB0EF6D, 0x6C57FB,
 500         0xF56664, 0xD24F05, 0xE0F702, 0x8A41EF, 0xA2EC53, 0x09731C,
 501         0x6157FE, 0xC5731C, 0xEF1A2E, 0x60EC10, 0xA67EFE, 0x486A73,
 502         0x8004F6, 0xC3F482, 0x63BA28, 0x107282,
 503 };
 504 #endif