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8158 Want named threads API
9857 proc manpages should have LIBRARY section

@@ -718,16 +718,16 @@
              int pr_wstat;            /* if zombie, the wait() status */
              int pr_argc;             /* initial argument count */
              uintptr_t pr_argv;       /* address of initial argument vector */
              uintptr_t pr_envp;       /* address of initial environment vector */
              char pr_dmodel;          /* data model of the process */
-             lwpsinfo_t pr_lwp;       /* information for representative lwp */
              taskid_t pr_taskid;      /* task id */
              projid_t pr_projid;      /* project id */
              poolid_t pr_poolid;      /* pool id */
              zoneid_t pr_zoneid;      /* zone id */
              ctid_t pr_contract;      /* process contract id */
+             lwpsinfo_t pr_lwp;       /* information for representative lwp */
          } psinfo_t;
        Some of the entries in psinfo, such as pr_addr, refer to internal

@@ -1225,10 +1225,20 @@
        Write-only control file. The messages written to this file affect the
        specific lwp rather than the representative lwp, as is the case for the
        process's ctl file.
+   lwpname
+       A buffer of THREAD_NAME_MAX bytes representing the LWP name; the buffer
+       is zero-filled if the thread name is shorter than the buffer. If no
+       thread name is set, the buffer contains the empty string. A read with a
+       buffer shorter than THREAD_NAME_MAX bytes is not guaranteed to be NUL-
+       terminated.  Writing to this file will set the LWP name for the
+       specific lwp.  This file may not be present in older operating system
+       versions. THREAD_NAME_MAX may increase in the future; clients should be
+       prepared for this.
        lwp-specific state information. This file contains the lwpstatus
        structure for the specific lwp as described above for the
        representative lwp in the process's status file.

@@ -2335,6 +2345,6 @@
        <sys/regset.h> are similar to but not the same as the types prgregset_t
        and prfpregset_t defined in <procfs.h>.
-                                 June 6, 2016                          PROC(4)
+                                August 22, 2018                        PROC(4)