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7928 Add support for SMF_EXIT_TEMP_TRANSIENT

@@ -182,10 +182,11 @@
        SMF_EXIT_OK           0          Method exited, performing its operation successfully.
        SMF_EXIT_ERR_FATAL    95         Method failed fatally and is unrecoverable without administrative intervention.
        SMF_EXIT_ERR_CONFIG   96         Unrecoverable configuration error. A common condition that returns this exit status is the absence of required configuration files for an enabled service instance.
        SMF_EXIT_ERR_NOSMF    99         Method has been mistakenly invoked outside the smf(5) facility. Services that depend on smf(5) capabilities should exit with this status value.
        SMF_EXIT_ERR_PERM     100        Method requires a form of permission such as file access, privilege, authorization, or other credential that is not available when invoked.
+       SMF_EXIT_TEMP_TRANSIENT   101        Method that is normally non-transient is temporarily transient.  This is not an error condition and a service returning this value will not be restarted.
        SMF_EXIT_ERR_OTHER    non-zero   Any non-zero exit status from a method is treated as an unknown error. A series of unknown errors can be diagnosed as a fault by the restarter or on behalf of the restarter.
        Use of a precise exit code allows the responsible restarter to

@@ -402,6 +403,6 @@
        aware.  This can be surprising to developers who expect seteuid(<non-
        zero UID>) to reduce privileges to basic or less.
-                                 June 6, 2016                    SMF_METHOD(5)
+                                 March 2, 2017                   SMF_METHOD(5)