1 #
   2 # Copyright (c) 2003, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
   3 #
   5 This directory contains a stress-test harness for the ::Exacct module.
   6 This will detect bugs in both the perl code and the underlying libexacct
   7 library.  To use, build the ::Exacct module in the parent directory, then:
   9 $ cc -o randtest randtest.c -lexacct
  10 $ chmod a+x RandTest
  11 $ ./RandTest
  13 The test script will run until interrupted by SIGINT.  If any errors are
  14 detected, the script will exit and leave diganostic files in /tmp.
  16 Running this under a memory checker, e.g. the WorkShop debugger or libumem
  17 is also a good way of detecting errors.
  19 If you wish to run this on the installed version of the ::Exacct module,
  20 remove the 'use blib' statement on line 14 of RandTest.